The Church on Wheels Ministry seeks to help and encourage others in planting churches in assisted living facilities.  It’s not just another once-a-month visitation program.  It’s about establishing a regular, every Sunday, Bible-preaching church service within the facility.  A place for residents to fellowship and to pray with their brothers and sisters in Christ.  A place to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about His saving grace.  A place to sing unto the Lord and a place to hear the Word of God.  A church that they can call their own.

Our mission is to see that every nursing facility resident in our geographic reach has the opportunity to attend a Bible preaching church service each and every Sunday.

Our mission is to seek out ministry partners..churches and groups who are willing to commit to adopting a nursing facility and conducting services there every Sunday.

Our mission is to provide our partners with materials, resources, support and encouragement to help them plant and grow independent, nursing facility churches.